Sales Call Management

Dru conducts cold-calls to educate the public about specific products or services on offer and generate quality leads. 

Our strategy is adaptable to every industry, works proficiently 

and is customisable to our clients’ needs.

For many people, reaching out to total strangers for the first time and attempting to sell them a product or service can be an intimidating process. But if it’s done with the right approach and attitude, cold calling can be an effective way to secure new customers and sales. 

Our main goal is to provide a professional tailor-made solution that will help our clients to reach their targets, being it sales growth or brand awareness.

As we develop a clear understanding of your business, strategy, and clientele, we get our hands dirty and focus on creating quality leads. Leads are created by generating interest through B2C calls where our agents educate the prospective customer, through a humanistic approach, about the benefits of opting to make use of your products or services. As an additional service, we can swiftly turn your leads into appointments.

Post Go Live, we meet with you to discuss our strategy and performance to ensure we are consistently meeting your needs and expectations.